Our very first holiday together took us to the amazing city of the lagoon. A weekend in the wonderful city of Venice. We had just received our new camera and could not wait to start our first adventure together. Almost 6 years later, we are drawn back to this gorgeous place. Impressive architecture. Romantic little canal. Singing gondolier and small boats. A hustle and bustle in the whole city.

This time we visited Venice by sea. The first stop was Punta Sabbioni, where we went by boat to the small island of Murano. We took a little leisurely walk on the island and plunged completely into the Italian world. Colorful small houses. Great glass installations. As well as sweet little shops, you could buy the famous Murano glass and partly see the production. Soon we headed back to Venice. The boat trip was beautiful. The sea sparkled turquoise blue. The weather was just fantastic. It opened up completely different perspectives. After a 45-minute drive we arrived at the dock and were in the middle of the hustle and bustle. From the calm water into the hurly-burly. But only for a short while. As we quickly discovered on our first visit, there are smaller and quieter alleys and bridges next to the main roads that make you breathe. Here you can meet the people who are living in Venice and are so hospitable. Off the main roads, it is not only quiet, you can see much more. And you are not carried with the crowd through the city. The Rialto Bridge should not be missed during a visit and so we could catch a nice view from the bridge. Just a quick detour to St. Mark’s Square and a small ice cream, you should not miss.

On the way back from Punta Sabbioni we made a short stop in Lido de Jesolo. We wanted to test a restaurant and were by no means disappointed. The Tempini is just incredible. There is always a lot going on here, but the food is fantastic. Pure Italy. The mix of locals, waiters and tourists make a visit to an unforgettable experience.

A trip without going to the beach is no trip, right? So, we went to the beach and felt the sand between our toes. The water was really fresh, but no matter. The feeling of walking barefoot across the sand and feeling the sea is just great every time. After the little trip to the sea, it was slowly time to go back home, but we planned a little stopover in Bolzano. Visiting our lovely Verena, from Glücksgefühl Event Manufaktur. During a walk with her and her sugar-sweet babygirl we could not help but had to stop by at “Schloss Maretsch”. The Castle, we had the wonderful wedding of Verena and Moritz celebrated, last year. What beautiful memories. After two weeks we went home again. With great conversations, wonderful memories and a lot of new ideas. You have missed the first part of our trip? Click here for our trip to Croatia, Croatia – Holiday in the beautiful Istria.