“What I like about photographs is capturing a moment that is gone forever and is not reproducible”

Our mobile phone is our constant companion and records everyday situations and personal emotions for us. The first steps of our little ones. The first tooth gap. A great experience on vacation or just a big family reunion. Most of the time, there is not  always a photographer as a silent observer and can take pictures of your unique moments. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could also get great pictures with your cell phone? In the next few weeks we would like to give you a few tips on how you can capture even more beautiful moments with your alway camera for printing them and share them with your loved ones. Of course we would like to be there for all your great moments;), but since this is not always possible, we give you a few tips and hope to be able to support you a little.

First we want to give you some very simple but effective tips.

  1. Before you take a photo, you should always clean the lenses of your camera. Often you have the cell phone somewhere in your pocket with many other things, here dirt can easily lay on the lens or we come up with our fingers. You don’t have to recognize anything at all, but there can still be something on the lens and we want to avoid that for all costs.
  2. When taking a picture with your phone, make sure you keep it still. Even though technology has made huge strides in recent years, it is important that you hold the phone as steady as possible when you trigger it to avoid blurring and get sharp images.
  3. Light, light, light … you definitely need soft and even light! You also need as many light as possible for high-quality and sharp photos. The darker it gets, the sooner your pictures will be a bit grainy.
  4. Always take your pictures with the camera app of your mobile phone. Do not use additional apps from other providers. These affect the quality of your picture