Light is a moving thing! But good lightning is a game changer! But what is good light? We would like to take a closer look at lighting. For our bright ans airy pictures, soft and even light is key. After having good light we look at a nice and clear background. So let’s dive in. It going to a bit complicated. But don’t worry, we will show you some lighting situations that you should avoid and that you can use yourself.


What makes the beautiful photo? Natural, soft and clean lighting! Artificial light has a different color than natural light. So if you have switched on your light at home and also have the curtains open, you have two light sources with different light colors. This often looks very unnatural and is not that easy to correct it later. In addition, e.g. a lamp is a very small light source and the light emits very selectively from it. This can lead to hard shadows on faces, which we want to avoid.

That is why we always advise switching off artificial light. If you should take a picture in closed rooms, then switch off all the lamps and use the natural daylight that comes through the windows into your apartment. It’s much softer and more even. Tip: If the sun shines too strongly through your window and is hitting your subject too much, try hanging a white sheet over the window, it will diffuse, so you get a softer light. Please notice it’s much harder to capture pretty images in the dark than during the day. Photos are going more grainy and less sharp.



Oh look over there in the sun, stand right here. You can’t imagine how often we hear this. We often would like to say, please don’t do that! Of course we are all happy when the sun is shining and would like to take some photos directly in the sun. But unfortunately, most of the time it doesn’t work well, because this is harsh light. Not only do you usually have to close your eyes because the sun hits directly your eyes, but you also have hard shadows on your face. And who doesn’t want to look great on every photo? So the best time to take pictures is 2 hours after sunrise or 2 hours before sunset. You will certainly not be able to put all your pictures in this time, so we recommend to take photos in the shade during the day. If it is slightly cloudy and there is no direct sun, it works much like the white sheet in front of the window. So you can also take photos without any problems.

We also always take pictures in an even shade. So there is e.g. no sun rays that come through trees and throw patterns on our subject. We also try to put our subject and the background in a soft light for a balanced photo. Try to avoid hard light in the background and soft light in the foreground, because it will burn out and the eye will catch this part first.