There are a few simple tips that you can implement immediately and see a difference right away. Of course there are countless other design options beside these tips or rules that get you great pictures. We would like to give you four tips on how you can quickly take better pictures on your cell phone.



We use the grid of the camera in our phone, because it give us some benefits. If you don’t see the grid, you can easily activate it in the settings for your camera. This also makes the familiar rule of thirds easier for you. An image is considered to be more  balanced if the focus of an image occupies a third of the photo. This means, if you position your object or person on one of the outer lines, it takes up about a third and makes the photo appear more balanced. This rule also applies if you use the top or bottom line of your grid. Often there can also be lines in the background that are very obvious or are only slightly hinted at, dividing your image into thirds. Play a little bit and give it a try right away. Do you see the difference?



The horizon line has often an incredible effect on your picture. If the horizon is crooked in the background, the picture looks restless and often a little strange. Here the grid plays into your cards. Let your gaze wander briefly into the background according to your motif and align the horizon with one of the lines of the cell phone grid. If you forget about, you can compensate for it afterwards, but keep in mind if the lines are adjusted in the background, the image will also become smaller.



Make sure that you are always holding your phone straight up and down, while shooting. The picture will look less straight if you have ist titled slightly to lighter side. It makes a bigger difference when you have a lots of lines in your photos.



It’s always the best to frame your picture perfectly while shooting. To do this, it is always good to move around a bit and “dance around” your motif. Movement is everything here, you will also see interesting and new perspectives you would never have seen from your static position. Make sure that you cut out distracting elements when shooting. A picture can completely look different after cropping. If you want to crop it after the shot use the Lightroom App.