The sky turns slowly in an orange-yellow tone. The sun has already disappeared behind the clouds. A picturesque sunset in wonderful colors. A warm sea breeze makes this moment perfect. We are sitting in an outdoor garden of a small Croatian restaurant. Only a few steps from the sea. Quietly you can hear the ocean. Our last evening of this wonderful stay. Anyone who has ever been to Croatia knows that you cannot get around a classic grill plate and you do not want to miss it. So, there was also an incredibly tasty grill plate (which we still like to cook) and for dessert a Croatian pancake with ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Our journey took us to Istria, a peninsula of Croatia. From Novigrad to Krk we have seen the big cities, as well as small, lovely villages. With their respective and unique charm. Of course, we could not miss the old town of Novigrad with their colorful umbrellas between their houses and have some great impressions on the way. The umbrellas were once hung for a 2013 Street Art Festival and due to their popularity have been extended from the two main streets to the side streets. Since then, they have become tourist attractions, but also gives the city a whole new flair. Further we went to Porec in search of the biggest pizza. A pizza sized like a cartwheel. At the beginning of the alley we could smell the delicious pizza smell. As we arrived in the small backyard, we could not wait to finally bite into the first piece. Finally, the pizza arrived. “Since the eyes were bigger than the stomach”, got again a new meaning but we did everything. Just super delicious. Of course, a walk through the old town of Porec could not be missed, just as well as a little ice cream at the harbor.

Colorful houses almost directly falling into the sea. Small streets. Great artists. An ancient, large church that rises above the city. That can only be Rovinj. A city that was once an island and was only connected to the mainland in the 18th century. The small streets invite you to stroll. Partly you can walk between the houses, over narrow stairs, directly to the sea. Impressive and unique. Our goal, however, was different. We wanted to see the city from above. So, we went first up to the church of St. Euphemia. The view here was beautiful. But we were supposed to go further up to the church tower. The view from up here is amazing. It is quiet. The world stops for a moment and you are trapped by this prospect. The view over the city, with the small, sweet, red roofs, and the clear, turquoise sea is indescribable. Seriously, the path over the over 300 years old and very narrow stairs is not for the faint of heart.

The Roman Arena and Pula simply belong together. It was used to for gladiatorial fights and services as a place for entertainment. Even today, it is mainly used as a venue for events and concerts and as a tourist attraction. A gigantic building that takes your breath away for a moment with its imposing appearance. You can also take a tour of the arena and the small underground passages, which is interesting. The last stop of the week was the picturesque island of Krk. The path crossed the small town called Icici, right before Opatia. The coastal road are an absolute highlight. We continued through a variety of landscapes and over the main bridge to Krk. We found a small coffee with five tables at a small harbor. A delicious coffee. Fantastic weather. And a hospitable atmosphere with the locals, which was more familiar and intimate. After the small refreshment we went through the smallest villages on very narrow roads towards Glavotok. To visit a small olive farm. An incredible, nice and courteous couple took us in and made an unforgettable tasting with us. An experience for our taste buds. So fresh and natural you will get olive oil and home-made vinegar only very rarely. The lavender lemonade was also unique. After the tasting and our shopping, we made some more photos on the plantation. After this we went to the lovely Anna and her husband, by Anna Schulz Weddings. Anna does not only plan wonderful weddings in the vicinity of Munich wonderful weddings for you, but also in the Krk region, in beautiful Croatia. After a little walk with their dogs directly at the sea we spent a great, funny and long evening on the beautiful island.

We can only recommend Croatia to you. It was just beautiful. The water crystal clear. The people are very hospitable. The landscapes so different. Of course, we have only seen a small part of Croatia and there is still much more to discover. That’s why it will not be the last time we were in Croatia. We look forward to our next visit. Our trip was not over yet. For us it went directly to Italy. Click here to reed more.