It is quiet. The city is slowly waking up in front of us. A sea of ​​lights rises up. Many colorful lights are dancing in front of the skyline. This view takes your breath away. From the Griffith Observatory we can see the whole city. The City of Angels. We were blown away by this view. Not only the building itself is wonderful. The overview of the city as the sun covers the city in a soft yellow-orange tone. A moment that we will never forget. Just like the first meeting with people who lives there. We hadn’t even landed for 24 hours, and we’ve already inhaled people’s positive lifestyle and attitudes. We were always welcomed with open arms and an incredibly positive vibes for life. Even right at the beginning at our first stop, the Observatory. On the way back to the car,  the Hollywood Sign light up and we knew, we had arrived.

We realized a dream. Once we are off to LA. Already on our trip to Hawaii, we wanted to make a stopover, but as is so often the case, you can be influenced by many things. So it was even more on our list. Here we go. Holywood is calling!

We couldn’t miss the Walk of Fame, Beverly Hills, Malibu,… We also dipped ourselves in the California way of life. We love to eat where the locals are. So we had to go to In & Out Burger, we have never received as many recommendations as for this burger shop. On our first visit, we were little excited about what would happen. Nothing breathtaking at first. A cool and relaxed atmosphere with a small selection of burgers. But the burgers were an experience. As fresh and delicious as homemade. We were flashed.  And so we get back one’s more. The choice of restaunrants was huge and we couldn’t eat as much as we would have liked to try. And all this foods and products were so tasty and sooo fresh!

We always try to get as much as impressions as possible, while traveling. After getting Los Angeles for the most part, we decided to take a trip to Malibu and take a short trip to Las Vegas, too. Off to the city that never sleeps. Our first stop was a classic American Diner. Here we got the best cinnamon roll, ever. We continued to the Hover Dam. It was very impressive, even as the landscape on the way. We somethimes stopped and took some wonderful pictures. Las Vegas was indescribable. Here we plunged into a completely different world. It was like a movie. Hotels that look like you’re in a completely different part of the world. Casinos like from the Ocean’s series. A hustle and bustle all night long. So many different people and a water show that most people know even though they have never been to Las Vegas. The legendary water show in front of the Bellagio. A show that is simply impressive when you stand right in front. An atmosphere that captures you and makes it an unforgettable experience.

Of course, in addition to our great trip, we also had two highlights: a birthday (Arabella) and our anniversary. Of course we didn’t want to miss out on this and so we were looking for small highlights that we could make on these days. One of them, was a lunch in a Diner, which is right on the end of the peer, in the middle of the Pacific. Hardly anyone can keep up with this view and these tasty Burger and Milkshakes. The other highlight was a breakfast with a wonderful sunrise on the beach. Where we got into the middle of normal California life. With happy people who unpack the guitar on their truck, singing, celebrating life and invite everyone to do so.

We were so excited about Los Angeles that we would love to plan our next trip there again. L.A. is not just glamor and glitter, that’s just part of it. Not only is it incredibly diverse in terms of landscape, people are also so different and allow them the space to live. The positive and wonderful impressions we were able to gain, still give us moments to think back and take something positve for our everyday life. We love Los Angeles and could certainly write two blog posts for you. Therefore, we can only recommend you to visit the City of Angels yourself and gain your experience.