We love bright and timeless pictures! In order to get bright and natural pictures, you not only have to pay attention to even and natural light, even the background does matter. This can give your image a complete different look. Therefore it is important to find a light and calm background. Of course there are also many great and interesting darker backgrounds, but these create a completely different look. Please try to avoid strong colors in the background, these can reflect the color of the surroundings and give your subject. Look for pastel colors.

If you can’t find a light backdrop you should watch the distance between your subject and the background. Place your subject as far from the background as possible. So it allows more light comming behind your subject and making the picture more friendly and brighter. Sometimes it is enough if you change your position a little and take a picture from a different angle. Here it can look visually much more airy than before. It is also always good to pay attention to the ground, lighter grounds make your picture look much brighter and you also get a slight brightening effect on the faces, which we love.



  1. CLUTTER – put things aside or cut them out of the picture.
  2. DISTRACTING ELEMENTS – move closer to your object.
  3. DARK HOLES – makes your picture appear heavier.