Bright blue sky. The sun is reflected in the quiet Höglwörther See. The dark blue varnish of the 50-year-old Mercedes shines in front of the dreamlike backdrop. Soft whispering and laughing resounds from the classic car. The bridal couple enjoys the togetherness. Bride and groom rise like two movie stars from the classic. A light wind makes the elegant wedding dress dance. You can not see any tension. Just a couple in love that can not wait to finally enjoy their big day with their family and friends.

Dear Vroni and dear Martin, thank you very much for being part of your very special day. Not only as a silent companion but also as part of your family. Thank you for your trust that you have given us from the first second. It was very special for us that you let yourself drifting through this day relaxed and blasted out of your heart at the late hour. We wish you all the best for your new life and keep your special kind and connection. Likewise, we thank you that we can call you not only our customers, but also our friends.


heiraten in salzburg


brautpaar im schloss

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hochzeit in anger

braut in höglwörth

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Hochzeit in Höglwörth